Insulated Piercing Connectors

MELEC range of Insulated Piercing Connectors are good for LV ABC distribution network, service line and street lighting connections. Installation is easy by tightening bolts to force teeth to penetrate the insulation of main line and tap line simultaneously.

Main features:

  • Main line: Insulated Aluminium Cable | Tap Line: Insulated Aluminium or Copper Cable.
  • Body is moulded from tough and weather resistant material.
  • Specially designed shear bolt allows efficient installation under controlled shear torque which ensures the contact teeth penetrate the conductor without damaging its mechanical strength.
  • Tested for water-tightness at voltage of 6kV for 1 minute under water.
  • Safe live-line installation.
  • Seals and grease are included to prevent moisture from entering the cable and connector.
  • End cap is attached to the body, no loose parts to fall off during installation.
  • Comply to standard: EN 50483-4, NFC 33-020, NFC 33-004.

Main Conductor Size: 10-95mm2
Tap Conductor Size: 1.5-10mm2

JJBC16-95/2.5-35 (Type 3.1)
Main Conductor Size: 16-95mm2
Tap Conductor Size: 2.5-35mm2

JJBC25-95/25-95 (Type 3.2)
Main Conductor Size: 25-95mm2
Tap Conductor Size: 25-95mm2

JJBC95-185/6-35/PG (Type 3.3)
Main Conductor Size: 95-185mm2
Tap Conductor Size: 6-35mm2

JJBC35-185/35-185/PG (Type 3.4)
Main Conductor Size: 35-185mm2
Tap Conductor Size: 35-185mm2