You can Count on Us

Company Profile

CONWAY is a manufacturer and distributor of electrical lugs, links, tools and other related underground and overhead electrical accessories. Established in 1979, CONWAY has been manufacturing quality cable lugs and links that meet the requirement of industry standards for both LV and MV applications.

In order to promote good electrical connections, CONWAY has also developed a range of matching crimping tools and dies to complement the connectors. For special applications, CONWAY is able to provide customization on cable connectors and tools according to customer’s requirements.

CONWAY is committed to producing and supplying quality products. Besides being an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, CONWAY’s products are also type-tested to meet local and International Standards. CONWAY has gained industry recognition as a one-stop solution centre for electrical projects. Our products are widely used by Tenaga National Berhad, railway networks, light rail transit system and many other electrical projects, besides being exported to countries in the Asia Pacific.

With more than 40 years of experience and technological know-how, you can be assured of quality products and excellent support in our area of expertise.

Quality Policy

CONWAY is passionate on manufacturing and supplying quality electrical connectors, tools, fuselinks and related accessories that meet customers’ requirements.

CONWAY is therefore committed to continual improvement in its Quality Management System that supports the following values of the organisation:

Quality Product
We offer consistent product quality meeting industry, national and international standards.
Excellent Service
We provide outstanding service quality that exceeds customers’ expectation.
Industry Expert
We contribute industry knowledge and solutions to elevate the standards of electrical projects.

CONWAY will achieve this Quality Policy through the collaboration and involvement of management and staff from all levels. 

Brands you can Trust

Copper cable lugs, links, bi-metal lugs and links, crimping and cutting tools, terminal blocks

Mechanical lugs and connectors, ABC accessories, heat shrink termination and joint kits

All kinds insulated and non-insulated terminals, connectors and receptacles

All types of hand crimping tools, hydraulic crimpers, cutters and electric pumps