Good Electrical Connection

CONWAY is a manufacturer and distributor of electrical cable lugs, connectors, tools and other related accessories. With 40 years of experience and technological know-how, you can be assured of quality products, excellent service and industry expertise from us. 

Product Range

Copper Conectors
Cable lugs and cable links for various LV and MV applications on Copper conductors. Customization available.

Aluminium Connectors
Aluminium lugs and ferrules, including Bi-metal options for Aluminium conductors. Good for LV and MV applications.

Mechanical Connectors
Shear-off bolt type cable lugs and connectors. A series of range-taking sizes suitable for both LV or MV applications.

Terminals and Splices
Range of insulated and non-insulated terminals, splices and disconnectors. UL Listed, RoHS and REACH compliant.

Crimping Tools
Range of manual and hydraulic crimping tools for non-insulated Copper cable lugs and links from 1.5mm2 to 1000mm2.

Electrician Tools
Range of quality OPT brand cable crimping, stripping, punching and cutting tools from Taiwan.

Fuse Links
KEMA tested FUSEGEAR fuse link in various current ratings. Square NH fuse links are also available.

ABC Accessories
Range of Low Voltage aerial bundle cable Insulated Piercing Connectors and Pre-insulated Connectors.


Quality products meeting industry standards

Over 40 years of industry experience

Available stock and next day delivery

Customisation to project requirements

One-stop centre for cable jointing and termination

Spare-parts and after sales support